Thursday, March 27, 2008

One Year Ago

For a nearly a week I have debated on whether or not to post a blog surrounding the one year anniversary of Dustin's death.
I thought... should it just be personal to me and the family ...maybe keep our thoughts and feeling in private or should I post something. March 21,2008, Good Friday, was the anniversary. I wont go into a lot of detail, but it is still difficult for all of us.

My family had a small ceremony at Dustin's gravesite in Stonewall, MS. Rachel said a prayer, Camryn and Madyson released some balloons that disappeared into the sky as the clouds opened up to recieve them. Lex was there. He layed where he always does- next to Dustin's headstone at his left side as if waiting for his master to return, He knows that this is Dusty's place.

Spring and Easter will always be a time of mixed emotions for all of us. Spring will not only remind us of the dark winters we are coming out of, the birds and critters scampering about, but it will also be a solemn reminder of the Spring of 2007. So as we welcome the warm sun shining down on us, we also welcome once again the heart ache and sadness that we will re-live every spring.

Lisa and I where not able to make it down to Mississippi for the family gathering but we honored him in our own way.
We got up early March 21 and headed to Lowe's. We planned to pick up a Flowering Dogwood, the universal plant that represents spring and Easter and plant it in Dusty's honor.
We made it home with the small tree and my neighbor who was a former Marine also and knew what we where doing came over to watch as we placed the tree in the ground. No one said anything as we planted the tree- no one had to-We all knew what was on everyone's mind. We lined up the tree with his flag across the street (the best we could), made sure it was straight and stood back and admired the tree as we thought of Dustin.

we miss you Dusty


Thank you all who have helped our family get through these difficult times.
Thank you to all of you who supported our fight to adopt Lex...It amazing to think that it it all started with one little blog...
Dustin and Lex's story has touched many lives and continues to do so.
Our hearts and prayers go out o all our service men and women who are still risking it all every single day..

Brian R.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Fallen Heroes Project

Vietnam Vet and Artist Michael Reagan honors fallen soldiers with Illustrations.
Portrait of Cpl Dustin Lee and Lex

Poster of all Micahael Reagan's illustrations.

Shadow Box presented by well-known artist

A couple months ago, a man by the name of Frank DeAngelis was researching for Soldiers and Marines from every state that had been Killed In Action. Mr. Frank DeAngelis is a kind, generous man who is an honorary member of "Easy Company". He spends his time honoring our men and women of the military by using his talents to create magnificant shadow boxes.

Once he got to Mississippi's list of fallen he came across Dustin's name. His goal then, was to create a shadow box for the family as his way of honoring Dustin.
Mr. DeAngelis researched Dustin's story and decided to start making calls in Mississippi till he finally made contact with Dustin's mother and let her know of his intentions.

The complete story of the amazing man and what he does is located at his own website.

Dustin's shadow box created b Frank DeAngelis