Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Shadow Box presented by well-known artist

A couple months ago, a man by the name of Frank DeAngelis was researching for Soldiers and Marines from every state that had been Killed In Action. Mr. Frank DeAngelis is a kind, generous man who is an honorary member of "Easy Company". He spends his time honoring our men and women of the military by using his talents to create magnificant shadow boxes.

Once he got to Mississippi's list of fallen he came across Dustin's name. His goal then, was to create a shadow box for the family as his way of honoring Dustin.
Mr. DeAngelis researched Dustin's story and decided to start making calls in Mississippi till he finally made contact with Dustin's mother and let her know of his intentions.

The complete story of the amazing man and what he does is located at his own website.

Dustin's shadow box created b Frank DeAngelis

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