Sunday, July 22, 2007

A Mother's Renewed Freedom

"A Mother’s Renewed Freedom"

On March 21, 2007, a mother’s life changed forever;
And tears fell down her cheek.
Her first born gave his life for her freedom;
And tears fell down her cheek.
She hit her knees to pray, "How could this be?"
And tears fell down her cheek.
Her pride for her country began to stray;
And tears fell down her cheek.
Memories that built her son and soldier began to stir;
And tears fell down her cheek.
Lord, remind me of why he was there?
And tears fell down her cheek;
A blanket of comfort wrapped around her;
Then her tears dried.
His voice spoke, "I need him for another mission, for he has been trained well.
He showed commitment and self-determination of his individual will,
Coupled with concern for liberties of others and continued his service to Me."
The foundation had been set and she began to remember:
A little boy who embellished Bible stories told by his grandmother and WWII stories told by his grandfather;
Within his strong hands the Bible he carried to study and the helmet he had held once admiring the strength of his fallen great-great uncle in Vietnam;
Being gentle with a small puppy, but strong and without fear handling a Military Working Dog.
Little feet that carried him to the altar to accept Jesus Christ as his Savior; also, once wore military boots of his dad, grandfather and uncles, then he wore his own;
One who prayed each day to receive strength to serve his Lord,
As well as, reminding himself of the oath he had taken as a United States Marine.
She remembered the original feeling of pride, power and freedom that only intensified
As she watched a flag draped casket that cradled her first born emerge from a plane;
The mother’s pride of her country; then, took a new light.
His Voice spoke to her, "Continue to be strong,
For once you knew about freedom and liberty in which you have,
Now, you will only grow because of what he and I have taught you."
She began to notice all with a different sight,
A sight that comes from her heart filled with an overflowing amount of love for her country’s freedom and liberties.
A mother’s freedom renewed
Through God’s Light and her Fallen Hero, her son, Dusty.

In loving memory of:
United States Marine Cpl Dustin Jerome Lee - K9 Unit - 3rd Recon Battalion
Killed in Action - Operation Iraqi Freedom – 21 March 21, 2007
Written by: Rachel Lee - Proud Mother of Dustin
June 28, 2007


Stacy said...

Beautifully and well written. Brought tears to my eyes. Hope you don't mind if I put it on my blog.

Ruth said...

Beautiful. My heart filled with hurt but also pride. I am so glad that God is giving you strength and grace. Ruth Pugh

SSG Jerry D. Mason said...

it still hurts to view the pictures and videos. well done video and thank you for doing this. Let's keep the memories alive......
til then... JD