Wednesday, September 26, 2007

An American Hero

Take a long look at the pictures on this site. The pictures on this site is what an American Hero looks like. He didn't wear a sports uniform. He didn't wear a tailored suit that only a politician can squeeze into. He didn't discover a cure for cancer. He did not sit behind a microphone in a radio booth playing the role of an "armchair grunt".
Cpl Dustin J. Lee was a United States Marine War Dog Handler who served his country with honor and dignity. He loved serving his country and he loved being a Marine Corps War Dog Handler. During OIF Dustin and his partner Lex went on missions day after day making sure that his fellow marines, contract workers and Iraqi civilians where safe from the cowardly IED's and ambushes of Iraqi(or Iranian)non-military-terrorist cowards (also known as insurgents). We know that the work of Dustin and his dog Lex saved the lives of many
What type of person does this? What kind of person is willing to lay down his life for people he does not know or will ever know? The answer is a US Soldier or Marine. Dustin Lee was one of those men.
On March 21, 2007 he gave his life to ensure that our freedoms are kept and that we remain safe while in our own little worlds. As far as I'm concerned he took that shrapnel to his chest so that maybe my kids, or your kids would not have to in the future.
Dustin is a hero and is an example of what every Marine aspires to be. He loved his God, His Country, and the Corps, and he loved them in that order.
He was more of a man at 20 years of age than I will be at 90 years. I can only wish to uphold his legacy so that he will never be forgotten

Dustin- Thank you.
Semer Fi

Uncle B


Stacy said...

Thanks for sharing.

hazel said...

Cpl Dustin Jerome Lee,
Was a brave young man and a Hero,
and served his Country well,
Thankyou for letting me read this,
God Bless you All