Monday, October 15, 2007


A new blog dedicated to getting Lex retired and adopted out to Dustin's family.
Its taking longer than expected to get LEx adopted and there is a possiblilty the Marine Corp will not release Lex to the family.
There really is no reason to it...just excuses.. check out the new blog and make some noise about it.


Nicole said...

I for one am very sadened at the fact that the family may not get to adopt Lex! If he was going to be "supposedly," retired prior, why can't they retire him now?
Hasn't this dog been through enough? I sure hope enough people can rally behind this because I for one, definitely want Lex to go to the Lee family!
Nicole in Northern, CA

Stacy said...

Hope you don't mind if I posted about this on my blog.

Anonymous said...

I would like to see the Lee Family be able to adopt lex, as he was with Dustin when the fatality happened, and there should be no reason for them not to be able to adopt lex. i would like for everyone reading this to contact Mississippi's 2 senators in washington to persyade them to put pressure on someone to permit them to let the family of dustin adopt Lex, and I am going to email senators Lott, and Cochran right now, and want everyone who reads this to do the same. Terry Harpole

DevilDog_99 said...

Thank you all!

Kelly said...

Hi my name is Kelly and I am from Albany GA ,I can say that meeting Dustin (and Lex) was such an honor and a blessing. I miss him more everyday. Before Dustin passed I talked to him on myspace almost everyday and the comments that he left will stay on my page forever.. I love you Dustin and miss you sooo much...

TAL said...

To help expedite the adoption of LEX by the Lee family I made some promotional banners that everyone can use. I also made a short site to condense the information down. These are posted at Support Adoption of Lex at

There is also a short LEX banner and PR at

This HTML code is easy to cut/paste and drop into any page, blog or other site to make it very easy for
everyone to help get the message out.

I made these helpful banners and links after speaking with Dustin's grandfather, Jerry Rich. I hope this will
help in some small way to expedite the adoption of LEX by the Lee Family.

Kevin Hogencamp said...

I just signed the petition and am writing an article about the fight to bring Lex home in The Albany (Ga.) Journal newspaper tomorrow. (I'll also post the article on my blog.) If anyone wants to e-mail me comments for my article, or e-mail me a photo of Lex and/or Dustin for the article, my address is Thanks!